Realtime Reporting Services

Realtime court reporting technology allows court reporters to convert stenographic notes into readable text. This text can be sent instantly to any computer via an Internet connection, allowing attorneys and paralegals across the globe to annotate and organize the text as it’s created.

Benefits of Realtime Court Reporting

By streaming the transcript of a proceeding in real time, realtime court reporting allows attorneys to:
  • Follow Testimony Remotely: Realtime court reporting can deliver the proceeding’s language to the attorney’s location, if an attorney can’t be in court with the rest of a legal team.  Realtime also eliminates the need for the attorney to be debriefed on the proceeding.
  • Address Live Testimony:  An attorney following remotely can communicate with fellow attorneys attending the proceeding if he or she sees impeachable language in a real-time reporting manuscript.
  • Simplify Complex Litigation:  When attorneys have little time to prepare for court dates, real-time court reporting helps by producing manuscripts instantly.

Completion of Realtime Deposition

Once the deposition is concluded, you will be sent a rough draft of the realtime transcript in the format of your choice. The rough realtime transcript is searchable by keyword, allows you to make adjustments to your annotations, and can be used to make deposition summaries easily. These features save you valuable time in preparing for your next deposition. The court reporters of Rocky Mountain Reporting can also stream the realtime transcript and legal video in one convenient platform to anywhere in the world. The information is sent through a secure connection that allows team members to share information and correspond privately via a chat feature. Rocky Mountain Reporting realtime court reporting services help simply your organizational efforts, reduces travel costs and eliminates hours of valuable preparation time. Contact Rocky Mountain Reporting today and request one of our highly skilled realtime court reporters for your next deposition.

Realtime Court Reporting Technology

Realtime court reporting technology is at the heart of the many computerized courtrooms of today. The technology used in realtime court reporting allows our court reporters to simultaneously translate stenographic notes into English text, which enables them to deliver digital transcripts within hours, even minutes, after court adjourns. Realtime reporting allows you to mark sections of your transcript, which enables you to optimize your notes in real time and build your case during testimony. With realtime court reporting technology, you can create a printed report or transcript concordance of keywords listed by page and line number in real time. Whether you are onsite in the courtroom, or at a distance, realtime court reporting gives you the ability to view transcription of deposition testimonies immediately as they occur in real time. Rocky Mountain Reporting court reporters are knowledgeable and ready to serve you with the latest most up to date realtime court reporting technology.
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