Rocky Mountain Reporting handles service requests for a variety of proceedings, including hearings in Denver, Colorado and across the Rocky Mountain region. Not only do we provide you with the latest technology, but also we do so backed by impeccable service.  Hearings, with a more casual format than a deposition, multiple speakers, and often a large room, may make some reporters hesitate. A hearing is the process in which an accused person is examined preliminarily. This session is where witnesses can give sworn testimony for cases such as arbitrations, ecclesiastical proceedings and trials. Court reporters, legal videographers, or interpreters may all be needed to perform a thorough hearing.

We Like The Challenge

At Rocky Mountain Reporting, we are happy to take on the challenge and responsibility of reporting for hearings. In addition, we can do single or multiple camera shoots if you need to capture a large room on videotape. Trust Rocky Mountain Reporting to arrange all of the important details of your hearing proceeding. When there is no room for error, call the experts at Rocky Mountain Reporting.  We provide comprehensive court reporting services, a full complement of transcription services and broadcast quality legal videography services.

Hearings Services

  • Regular, expedited, daily and immediate delivery of transcripts – Hard copy and electronic
  • Realtime reporting onsite or via Internet—available in multiple formats
  • Transcripts with hyperlinked exhibits—in all popular formats
  • Document management –  Exhibit scanning to searchable (OCR) PDF or TIFF formats
  • Transcripts, exhibits and videotapes archived in perpetuity – Redundant backups maintained onsite and offsite
  • SSL encrypted, online repository of transcripts and exhibits – On-demand video repository available

Contact Us

To schedule your next hearing, contact us at (720) 872-9910.
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