Trials Services

Trials occur in a court with a judge, a jury, or another designated party presides over the proceedings. A trial is the process in which parties bring together the facts on a dispute to a formal setting in which a resolution is sought. Trials can be about criminal, civil, administrative, or labor issues. The issues handled at trial are usually adversarial or inquisitorial.

Court Reporters Experienced in Trials

Trust Rocky Mountain Reporting to arrange all of the important details of any trial proceeding. We provide court reporters for any of your trials, motions, and hearings. These experienced and professional reporters have not only passed rigorous skills testing, but also are adept at understanding the specific rules, practices, formats and important nuances of the unique courtroom environment. Rocky Mountain Reporting handles service requests for a variety of proceedings, including trials. The most common proceedings that Rocky Mountain Reporting arranges services for includes arbitrations, depositions, ecclesiastical, examination under oath, hearings, and trials.

Our Services for Trials

Rocky Mountain Reporting has trial-experts who can provide:  
  • Realtime hookups for trials
  • Wireless realtime for trials
  • Internet Streaming Realtime so an expert can “attend” or testify from a remote location.

Contact Us

To schedule one of our trial experts for your next arbitration, hearing or trial in the Denver area, contact us at (720) 872-9910 or click here to schedule a reporter. Rocky Mountain Reporting 1999 Broadway Suite 750 Denver, CO 80202 (720) 872-9910 [email protected]
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