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Five Reasons Why Colorado Court Reporters Are Remarkable

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Five Reasons Why Colorado Court Reporters Are Remarkable - Rocky Mountain Reporting


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Five Reasons Why Colorado Court Reporters Are Remarkable

Here are five reasons why Colorado court reporters are remarkable.

1.  Colorado court reporters make the spoken word available to everyone.

As court reporters, we turn the spoken word into written text

By turning spoken words into written text, whether it is during a live event, a broadcast, a religious service or a lecture, court reporters make that content accessible to the deaf, the hard of hearing, as well as non-native speakers of the language, which enables them to participate more fully in public life.

2. Colorado court reporters represent tradition.

Even in the Roman Senate, shorthand writers were present, and they are present in the modern-day United States Senate today. Our need to safeguard the spoken word endures, and so does our need for well-trained court reporters.

3.  Colorado court reporters are necessary to safeguard the rights of the participants’ in the legal process.

Court reporters are guardians of the public record and they make sure that every word spoken–in courtrooms, examination rooms, public proceedings, or other events–is recorded in writing within the transcript.

4.  Colorado court reporters are at the forefront of technology.

Realtime court reporters turn words into text accurately, as fast as these words are spoken, through an astounding combination of intellectual agility, manual skill, and sophisticated technology.  Court reporters are the best speech-to-text technology in the world, bar none.

5.  Colorado court reporters record history as it is made

From the speeches of Roman leaders in the first century B.C. to the testimony of citizens in the modern day, from landmark legal cases to public events, court reporters transform the fleeting spoken words into enduring text.

The court reporting profession cultivates the social good, partakes in history, and strives towards the future.  May this year be a wonderful year for our Denver court reporters and their clients.

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