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Transcript Services for Depositions

At Rocky Mountain Reporting, all transcripts go through our rigorous production and quality control process to ensure accuracy and precision.  Standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days, and we are able to expedite delivery of the transcript if the need arises. In addition to the actual transcript, your order also includes an electronic version delivered to your email address.  In addition, a copy is also linked to your exhibits in .pdf format and delivered via email and/or on a disk. We also upload a copy of every transcript to our online case repository for your use 24/7.

Transcript Formats

Rocky Mountain Reporting offers a variety of preferred formats for deposition transcripts to meet every client’s preference.  The current industry standard for the creation, delivery, and viewing of transcripts is iDEPOS, the ultimate web-based transcripts with hyperlinked exhibits.  New litigation support software such as iDEPOS or eTranscript offer many features that are lacking with ASCII files. The most obvious differences are the keyword index feature that enables you to access specifics from your transcript and a search feature which gives you the power to find keywords throughout the entire legal transcript.

Rocky Mountain Reporting iDEPOS also provides many printing and formatting options:

Rocky Mountain Reporting also scans and hyperlinks all your exhibits within iDEPOS or eTranscripts. Exhibit types include photos, blueprints and drawings.

Rocky Mountain Reporting offers deposition and litigation services in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region, as well as nationally and internationally. If you would like to schedule a deposition, please complete our online deposition scheduling form or call us and our client services team will take care of the rest.

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