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Legal Videography Services

Rocky Mountain Reporting’s videography staff specializes in legal video deposition services and is committed to excellence.  Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art equipment and microphones, your video and sound are the sharpest and clearest possible.

With a Rocky Mountain Reporting legal videographer and a Rocky Mountain court reporter, both of whom are accustomed to working hand-in-hand, your video deposition becomes a valuable litigation tool, especially with your case manager always assisting.  The exceptional teamwork and case coordination ensure consistently flawless videos and deposition transcripts and your legal videotape is delivered on site upon request.

Whether your video deposition is of an expert witness, a witness unable to travel, or a “day-in-the-life,” the situation is managed by our account management team from start to finish.

With Rocky Mountain Reporting’s hands-on court reporting and legal videography approach, you can expect an effortless experience and total peace of mind.

Videography Services

We are certified by the American Guild of Court Videographers and have certified legal video specialists (CLVS) who are trained professionals able to produce the highest quality video and audio possible.  We also provide the following legal video services:

Up to Date Video Equipment and Technology

Our video professionals utilize the most up-to-date equipment and technology to provide a wide range of video services in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and across Colorado.

Rocky Mountain Reporting offers the most recent camera and video technology including:

Video Depositions

Video Depositions are an invaluable part of today’s computerized courtroom.  Using a video deposition allows you to:

Our highly trained video professionals are readily equipped to produce clear and decisive video depositions. We work directly with you to secure all the information you need to resolve your case in a timely and efficient manner.

Internet Legal Video Depositions

Our legal video streaming and interactive technology allow you to view and listen to depositions securely via the Internet from anywhere in the world.  Authorized participants log onto a password-protected website and gain access to:

Rocky Mountain Reporting Internet depositions and live video streaming permit authorized parties to follow and take part in litigation events from any location.

Legal Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows you to:

Rocky Mountain Reporting provides well-organized professional video-conference systems for all legal video conferencing requirements.  With our highly developed equipment and multimedia services, you can conduct arbitrations, remote depositions, settlement conferences, and meetings in a cost-effective and efficient way.

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I never have to worry when Rocky Mountain Reporting is scheduled for a deposition.

RMR is always reliable and punctual. They are very conscientious about their work and consistently deliver an accurate and timely transcript.

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