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Court Reporter and Legal Transcriptionist – Know the Difference

The background and educational requirements to become a legal transcriptionist and a court reporter are different. Although their responsibilities are almost the same, there are some vital differences in the job descriptions of legal transcriptionists, legal secretary, court reporter and transcriptionist. Court reporting is a process of transcribing speech in real time, whereas legal transcription … Continued

Real-time Court Reporting Benefits

Real-time court reporting is now widely in use throughout the country as the benefits and convenience offered by this service are profuse. Some firms are taking advantage of digital court reporting. With real time technologies, court reporting has become hi-tech. There is no need to wait for stenotype machine printouts or voice recordings to be … Continued

The Future of Denver Court Reporting

Advances in technology has enabled the Denver court reporting industry to expand at a  steady pace  that has exceed  the growth many other industries. Traditionally, most Denver court reporting services catered primarily to the legal profession. However, more non-legal entities, including businesses, panels, conventions and other organizations increasingly rely on court reporting services as well. … Continued

Five Reasons Why Colorado Court Reporters Are Remarkable

Here are five reasons why Colorado court reporters are remarkable. 1.  Colorado court reporters make the spoken word available to everyone. As court reporters, we turn the spoken word into written text By turning spoken words into written text, whether it is during a live event, a broadcast, a religious service or a lecture, court … Continued

Denver Court Reporters Handle Their Homonyms for Better Transcripts

Denver Court Reporters turn the spoken word to text based on sound, not spelling.  This means that homonyms can be a tricky problem for court reporters in Colorado.  Among all the homonyms of the English language, there are six pairs that cause trouble for court reporters on a regular basis.  First we will review the … Continued

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