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Denver Court Reporters – What To Look For In Your Court Reporting Firm

Anyone familiar with how the legal professional operates understands most law firms employ office managers or administrators to handle legal staffing, human resources and the acquisition of vendors and services.  However, if one has actually worked in the trenches of a heavy litigation practice, they know that when it comes to deciding on a Denver … Continued

Colorado Court Reporters – Tips for Working With Court Reporters

Just as it is in trial, preparation is key to a successful deposition.  Since the object of a deposition is to create a clear and complete record for your client’s case, there are a few key points to remember about working with Colorado court reporters to effectively reach that objective. Colorado court reporters are certified professionals, and … Continued

Colorado Court Reporting – Court Reporters and Deposition Services

Most people can conjure up the image of a person sitting near a judge and typing symbols, which symbolizes sounds and words, into a stenograph machine.  Law firms, attorneys, administrators and other professionals have the need for capable Colorado court reporting services. The court reporting process requires an individual who has the training to create … Continued

Court Reporters In Denver – Advances In Court Reporting Technology

The Internet, smartphones, tablet computers, and other recent technological developments have fundamentally changed the way people interact and do business with one another. Communication is easy, even across great distances, and information is readily accessible to anyone who wants it. So how does this affect court reporters, for whom information and communication are of utmost … Continued

Denver Court Reporters – An American Success Story Right Here In Colorado

Dallas, TX—Paula Babin, owner of Court Reporters Clearinghouse and Rocky Mountain Reporting, is featured in a special online/print edition of American Success Stories, originating from the studios of KWRD the WORD 100.7 FM.  To find the original article, please click here.  Paula, you had a father who was a role model for you in business. … Continued

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