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Colorado Court Reporting – Court Reporters and Deposition Services

Most people can conjure up the image of a person sitting near a judge and typing symbols, which symbolizes sounds and words, into a stenograph machine.  Law firms, attorneys, administrators and other professionals have the need for capable Colorado court reporting services.

The court reporting process requires an individual who has the training to create verbatim transcripts of legal proceedings, such as hearings, depositions, and meetings., Court reporters use a wide variety of technologies–stenography, electronic reporting and voice writing, to ensure the timely, precise, and clear recording of information.

A comprehensive Colorado court reporting service offers lawyers, boards of directors and other businesses a portfolio of supporting services.

Hearings and Deposition Services

Attorneys have a need for Colorado court reporting services for a variety of hearings. This important preliminary process requires reliability and the latest technology for sworn testimony of witnesses for trials, arbitration cases and ecclesiastical proceedings.

Contrary to the popular belief of most people, the average reporter does not work entirely in a courtroom setting. Most court reporters spend the majority of their working hours in a conference room of a law firm providing a range of services for taking depositions.

The court reporter provides a variety of tasks to ensure the deposition goes smoothly. Here are some of the duties of Colorado court reporting:

Create a written record of testimony prior to a court case to keep from having to bring in witnesses repeatedly to repeat what has been said. The transcript of the deposition speaks for the witness.

Prepare records for use in court if the reposed witness cannot appear for any reason. The transcript of the deposition can also be used to compare witness testimony in the deposition to declarations given in court to discover discrepancies.

Notarize related documents –evidence, statements or the actual deposition, official documents accepted by the court. Clients should request this service if needed.

Realtime Court Reporting Services

Advances in technology have made real time Colorado court reporting a core element of many courtroom and deposition hearings. Completely computerized steno machines have Real time technology that enables court reporters to convert stenographic notes into text.

The text can be streamed to computer monitors, large projection screens in the courtroom, deposition conference room and to locations around the globe. This technology has proven helpful for deaf individuals or persons hard-of-hearing in and out the courtroom setting

Clients can receive transcripts minutes after a court session adjourns and in a variety of formats.

Videography Services

As an aspect of their case management strategies, many clients request videography services, especially for depositions. Consequently, many Colorado court reporting services have teamed up with video camera operators with the skills to shoot and edit these depositions to offer videography.

A video deposition properly and efficiently produced saves clients time and money during discovery and through the case. Sophisticated software can make synchronized video depositions that can be searched by typing in a certain keyword to obtain instantaneous and relevant search results while minimizing the client’s search time.

Translation and Interpreter Services

Clients also require Colorado reporting services that have translation and interpreter capabilities. The service provides needed assistance for clients who need to dispose persons who do not speak English as their native language.

Court Rcolorado-court-reportingeporting Firms

When selecting a Colorado court reporting service, choose a firm that provides a comprehensive range of services along with a e staff that communicates well and in a timely manner. 

When conducting the due diligence process for hiring a Colorado court reporting service, conduct an informal evaluation of their offerings and customer service over the phone. Someone should be available to answer questions about their services.

Besides seasoned court reporters with a reputation for quality, accuracy and timeliness, the firm should have the resources to provide persons who can manage technical and complex cases.  

The best companies have court reporters committed to attaining certain levels of experience, the latest knowledge, and commitment to excellence. These individual usually have one or more of the following professional designations:

  • Registered Professional Reporters (RPR)
  • Registered Merit Reporters (RMR)
  • Certified Realtime Reporters (CRR)
  • Colorado Court Reporter Association (CCRA) member
  • National Court Reporter Association (NCRA) Member
  • Certified Legal Video Specialists (CLVS)

Whether a court reporter works in courtrooms, law offices, or other environments, it is critical for the quality of the service to be consistent and accurate. Just as important is the need for the Colorado court reporting companies and its court reporters to strive for excellence in customize services to meet the needs of individual clients and customer satisfaction.

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