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What Denver Court Reporters Should Be Doing After The Deposition

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What Denver Court Reporters Should Be Doing After The Deposition - Rocky Mountain Reporting


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What Denver Court Reporters Should Be Doing After The Deposition

Lawyers seem to face their biggest problems when dealing with Denver court reporters after the deposition is over. You shouldn’t need to follow up on the details that every good court reporter should complete after the deposition.

After the deposition is complete, there are plenty of tasks that should be completed in a timely matter.  The court reporters job does not end with the completion of the deposition.

Review, Fill Gaps, and Edit

Once the deposition is complete, a good court reporter will download all the information gathered during the deposition onto their computer and begin editing.  A final copy isn’t ready just because the court reporter has written  everything during the deposition. Good court reporters go back through the audiotape and fill in any gaps missing from the transcript.  Once this review step is complete, they or someone else  looks over the first draft, proofreads, and make any necessary corrections.

Format and Prepare Final Draft

Once the proofreader has completed the review of the first draft, that person should send the corrected draft back to the court reporter to prepare the final draft. The court reporter then should prepare the final draft by making sure that the transcript is accurate, and free of grammatical errors and misspellings.  In addition, the court reporter should ensure that the final is sent to the attorneys in a format that allows for easy reading with page numbers, indexes, and a condensed transcript.

Transcript Delivery

Transcript deliver is critical but before the court reporter sends the transcript to you, he or she should have also archived a copy of the transcript and exhibits.. In addition, you should receive one original copy one copy electronically.

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